Mcivage 2 X Chains for Chain Saws 14-Inch (35 cm) Bar, 3/8 Pitch 52 Drive Links Saw Chains Fit for Alpina DOLMAR Echo HITACHI JONSERED Bosch Alpina


  • Created Date: 28 May, 2023

    Brand: Mcivage

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  • 【Parameters】Include 2PCS chains for chain saws, 52 Drive Links, 3/8″ Pitch 050″ 14 inch Guide Bar, (the same saw can be equipped with different rod lengths. 
  • 【Premium Quality Material】 14-in chains are made of manganese steel, high toughness and anti-fracture. Heat treated and quenched rivets make stronger connection between chain links. All the chain cutters are plated with premium industrial hard chrome, better wear resistance.
  • 【Ideal for DIY Homeowners】The chains for chain saws 35cm capable of handling tough jobs, ideal for home yard work, cut storm damaged trees smoothly, tolerant of dust and dirt and engineered for safety.
  • 【Widely Used】Compatible with ALDI, BOSCH, ECHO, DOLMAR, Echo, EINHELL, HITACHI, JONSERED, KING KRAFT, etc..
  • 【Friendly Tips】The same saw can have different bar lengths, Before ordering a new chain, it is important to check the old chain, calculate the number of drive chains on the old chain and check the specifications and pitch.
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Mcivage Chains for Chain Saws for 14 Inch are High Toughness and Anti-Fracture. Heat Treated and Quenched Rivets Make Stronger Connection between Chain Links.

Compatible With the Following Chain Saws:

✔ALDI: all models

✔ALPINA: A10E, A14E, ELECTRIC, E120, E130, E150, KS1400B, KS1500B

✔BOSCH: 1586.7, 1586.8, AKE40B, AKE35B, GKE35BC, GKE40BC, PKE25, PKE30B, PKE35B, PKE40B

✔DOLMAR: ES3, ES6A, ES30, ES35, ES40A, ES41A, ES42A, ES140, ES151A, ES152A, ES160, ES161, ES161A, ES162A, ES171, ES171A, ES172A, ES183A, ES1600, ES2035A

✔ECHO: CS280E, CS280EG, CS285EVL, CS290EVL, CS300EVL, CS301, CS302, CS302S, CS315, CS320EVL, CS328; CS330EVL, CS340, CS345, CS350T, CS350TES, CS351, CS360EVL, CS1550FT, CS1800, CS1850FT

✔EINHELL: KSE, KSE1435, KSE1635, KSE1640, KSE2000, PES1540, PES1640, PES30, PES30/2, PES34, PES34/2, PES34/3, PES35, PES35/2TS, PES35/3, PES35/3TS, PES40, PES40/3

✔HITACHI: CS35B, CS280, CS280A, CS280B, CS350, CS350A

✔JONSERED: 2033TH, 36AV, 361, 365, 370, BABYSAW, M36, M361

✔KING KRAFT: all models



  1. Chains specification is 14-Inch (35 cm) Bar, 3/8″ Pitch 52 Drive Links.
  2. The same saw can be equipped with different rod lengths. Please verify your parameters before buying to ensure that the chain can be used with your machine.



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